Driving with Matatu

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Driving with Matatu Getting Started

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Why drive with Matatu?

Schedule when you drive to suit your own convenience

Make more money per kilometer and second, together with a preset base fare

There is always a trip waiting for you once you are online, no time lag

The app will lead your way, it gives you turn by turn directions

Get data and analytics that guide you on how to make more money and optimize driving

Join the Matatu community of awesome people, both drivers and riders alike

Basic Driver Requirements

Requirements for driving with Matatu vary by city. However, these are the basic standards:

  • be 18 years and above
  • active telephone number and email address
  • a functional smart phone
  • original driver’s license
  • national identity card
  • driving skill

These will qualify you for the Matatu Driver screening test and Certification

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